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Does anyone else use dropbox for multiple personal devices, and if so, have you been having trouble getting files to sync between devices?  Because mine aren't syncing.

I probably wouldn't notice if it were just large files, but we're talking itty little 20kb documents here.

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So, Hemlock Grove...

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 AKA "the Netflix horror series with Famke Jannsen and...other people."

Heard good things about it.  Started watching it on a whim today.  Got pretty into the mystery and a number of characters (basically, most of the main characters except the actual lead, Roman, who I found alternately boring and annoying, and pretty misogynistic) despite some MAJOR "women's bodies as objects issues" (sex scenes had women nude, men shirtless at best, lots of returning to and emphasizing mutilated female corpse, sole male corpse is very "clean"_ and then I got to episode 7 and...

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 No, not the anime, but I have returned home from spending the week with my parents and nephews.  Now, I'm not celebrating not being with them anymore, but the fact that I am escaping forced exposure to Duck Dynasty and FoxNews.  I love my family, but I do not love my family's choice in entertainment, and at my parents house, if the TV is on, it probably has one of those two things on.  My father is one of those people who just leaves FoxNews on ALL DAY LONG, regardless of whether or not he's in the house watching it.

My brain needs so much detoxifying right now.  (I guess i'll start with Summer anime and Honey West.)

I think I had more to say, but oh well.

July 2014 Media Log

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I spent all this week obsessively working on my Flight Rising flight's dominance push (Which we won! Now I need to gene dragons. After I decide which genes...) and will have my nephews this week, so it's probably going to be pretty quiet here for another week. In the meantime, the latest installment in a series of posts I doubt anyone reads. (Which is OK.)

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Spring anime wrapup

7 Seeds: Ango/Natsu/Semimaru
Akuma no Riddle eps 8-12: So, apparently they were saving most of the actual plot (not to mention about 80% of Tokaku's characterization) for the last few episodes.

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Atelier Escha and Logy eps 7-12. Fluffy and cute until the end, though I wish it'd been a bit less normative with gender roles. I think this may become a go-to series when I want a relaxing, laid back thing, with bonus steampunky-medieval-lite clothing and setting. I didn't care much for the very last plot development, but I suspect they intend to adapt more of the Atelier games, so that may be why.

Black Bullet eps 8-13. Probably the lowest ranked (for me) of the season's anime, but I liked it, and am glad someone's doing fantranslations of the light novels.

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Still the World is Beautiful eps 7-12: Sadder to see this one go than any of the others, I think. Guess I should hunt down the manga.

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Now to check out the new series before spending time with my nephews next week.

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manga: One Piece Vol 11-23

This covers through the end of the Barroque Works arc, and is probably a good time to take a small break from the series (I have the next arc checked out from the library, so it won't be too long a break). Despite the high level of genuine enjoyment that I get from the series, the general frustrations that come from reading dude-centric action shounen are getting to me.

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Jul. 1st, 2014

flight rising
 If anyone's been wondering about the radio silence here the last week, it's because I am currently the pet human of my parents' cats while they're on vacation, and most of my interneting has been on my nexus, which isn't the best format for wordy posts. I have got a lot of Flight Rising grinding in, . (I love that the new coli venue is water based and want the mermaid familiars, but I get a lot less stuff there, it seems.) I did rewatcvh all of El Cazador de la  Bruja, though, and am 1\3 of the way through rewatching Allison and Lillia.  I also finished watching Guin Saga, which brings me to why I'm making this post.

Does anyone know where I can find English translations of the Guin Saga and Moribito light novels, beyond what's been published in the US (Morbito won't have any more released here, and I don't know if Guin Saga will. Bonus if you can also find me the light novels for Earl and Fairy, and the earlier Slayers novels. (Yes, I've checked baka-tsuki. I love baka-tsuki. I don't want to marry baka-tsuki, but I do intend to have a very long lasting affair with it.)

Brief comment on Guin Saga: the series is a sprawling epic fantasy series with a huge cast centering on various factions scheming to rule a kingdom. In the first episode, the royal (fraternal, m/f) 13 year old twin heirs are exiled to a distant land and have to make their way through enemy territory and find their aunt. The twins have purple eyes, silver hair, and special destinies. The female twin, Rinda, tends to attract older men(well,one is 20 and the other a few years older than that, but when the one on the receiving end of affections is initially 13...). The twins ancestors are known as Dragon Kings.

The first Guin Saga book came out in 1979, and had 130 books out before the author died. A Game of Thrones was published in 1991.  (I have no idea whether or not GRRM would have heard of the series or if it was known at all outside of Japan at the time, but watching it made me picture GRRM reading the books and deciding they needed more rape, violence, and gruesome deaths.)

Wednesday Reading Meme

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I believe this is my first time doing this since just before WisCon. Oops? I blame Flight Rising.

What are you currently reading

The Return of Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke. Third book in a GN series about a girl who ends up stranded in deep space with the Pied Piper, a giant mouse, an battle-mad robot and a giant...blob...thing and saves the universe a lot. Sadly, this is apparently also the last book in the series.

I've started reading the A Certain Magical Index novels, having run out of anime. I should say something substantial about the series sometime soon.

What did you recently finish reading?
The Foundling by Georgette Heyer. This is the book I read on the plane to WisCon. IIRC, I found it very entertaining-the basics of the plot are that an over-protected young duke really really really wishes people would let him stand on his own feet and has a series of misadventures when he goes undercover to help extricate a cousin from a lawsuit-but also frustrating due to,well, the lack of women. The hero's love interest is in about 15 pages, maybe, while the main female character-the titular foundling-is in it more, but isn't respected by anyone involved, including Heyer.

One Piece though volume 10 by Eiichiro Oda. I dunno, do I even need to explain the plot to anyone with even a passing familiarity with anime and manga? This is very entertaining, but frustrating due to the fact that, 10 volumes in, we have a whole one regular female character, and one who's pretty much given a supporting role in the plotline dealing with her own origin story. And Nami's great and all, but most shounen manages to do btter than this. It's especially odd since i checked it out knowing that Hiro Mashima was extremely heavily influenced by his time as Oda's assistant (and boy is it obvious) and within a couple volumes, Fairy Tail was all "here's an avalanche of female characters and most of them are background now, but we have 2 central ones and these others are being introduced in a way that says yes, they will be important later" (which is not to say FT is anywhere near perfect, but, you know...) Surprising no one, my favorites so far are Nami (and i'm vaguely curious about what the big Nami ships are) and Zoro (though I spend way too much time wondering how Zoro fights without lopping off his hand. I wonder if his and that dude from RuroKen who keeps an urumi wrapped around his bare waist trade "how not to kill yourself with your somewhat realistic-for-shounen weaponry" tips. i'm very amused with how, so far, the plotlines go vaguely like this:

LUFFY: HELLO! I want you to join my pirate crew!
Z/N/S: Dude, I said no. I hate pirates. Also, I'm not entirely convinced you understand just what a pirate is.
ACTUAL PIRATEY TYPES: We are here to pillage and raid and kick puppies!
LUFFY: New crewmember! Let's go whomp the bad pirates and show what good pirates with the power of nakama are like!
Z/N/S: Dude, I'm not joining your crew. But I'm down with the whomping.
WHOMPING: *happens with much drama and fanfare and speechifying*
Z/N/S: How did I end up-ok, fine, I guess I joined.
LUFFY: Toldja!
Z/N/S: You're really hard to break up with, aren't you.

(And then there's Usopp, who showed up at the harbor with his bags and tried not to look like he was begging to be asked to come along.)

Five Weapons: Making the Grade by Jimmie Robinson. Tyler Shainline is the 13-year-old son of a famous assassin, who is sent to The School of Five Weapons, a school where the children of bodyguards and assassins go to train for their future careers. All students join one of the weapons clubs, and everyone is eager to see which Tyler will join. The problem is, Tyler is actually Enrique, the son of Shainline's butler, who grew up with the real Tyler. Sent as a decoy by Shainline because an old enemy is hunting for him, Enrique doesn't actually know how to use any weapons, and is actually forbidden to learn how to use any. Fortunately, he has a childhood of playing with an assassin-in-training behind him and a very slippery mind, and sets to outwitting the various students who want to challenge him, as well as trying to solve the mystery of the school's shady principal. Very fun.

Tokyo Crazy Paradise Vol 1-10 by Yoshiki Nakamura. AKA, "The very cracktastic scifi mafia series Yoshiki Nakamura did before Skip-Beat. The basic concept is that Tsukasa, the daughter of two police officers, who was raised as a boy (because women are more likely to be victims of violence than men) becomes the bodyguard of her classmate, Ryuji, after her parents die and she and her brothers end up on the street. (I'm not entirely sure whether Tsukasa identifies as male or female, or has even but a lot of thought into it, but the manga refers to her as a girl.) Ryuji, who has been in classes with Tsukasa for several years, has known that Tsukasa is biologically female for some time, but never let her know, and is Secretly In Love with her. And...hijinks? Tsukasa, Ryuji, and Ryuji's fiance, Asago, are all supposed to be 14, but everything-personality, how they interact with others, appearance, etc-all works much better if you ignore that and pretend they're all in the 16-18 range. I like it a lot, but also get frustrated by some things, like how not only are Asago and Tsukasa the only female characters, but they can't stand each other. Part of that is because of Skip-Beat, and how Kyoko pretty much makes ALL her rivals, professional or otherwise, fall for her. And things keep happening that make me think Tsukasa and Asago might start becoming friends, and then it doesn't happening. I aware of some later plot developments, and am more interested in getting to those than the "things happen to challenge Ryuji's leadership/Asago's standing as his fiancee, and they have to find out what's up with this latest drug, but Tsukasa will bash everything into obedience" which is what's happened a few times.

Princeless vol 1 by Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin. First volume in a series about a princess (the 6th of 7) who's confined to a tower by her father until a princess strong enough to rule the kingdom rescues her from the dragon hired to guard her. She decides she's tired of boring princes who don't last 5 minutes against the dragon, escapes the tower, and sets off with the dragon to resuce her 6 sister's from their respective towers. Said princess happens to also be black, and possibly lesbian. It can be a bit heavy handed in its "wtf, fairy tales?" moments and th bit where the princess and her future girlfriend go on about women's fantasy armor keeps going after the point has been made until it's almost beating you over the head with it (uhm...maybe less so on that front if you haven't had many long and detailed discussions of the topic itself) but this was extremely enjoyable.

The Bughouse Affair and The Spook Lights Affair by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini. The first 2 books in a mystery series about Sabina Carpenter, and former Pinkerton agent, and John Quincannon, a former Secret Service Agent, who now run a detective agency in 1890s San Francisco. largely solid and enjoyable, though they don't offer anything hugely new to the genre. I'm also annoyed by the romantic subplot. Not because it exists-normally I'd enjoy it-but because so far, it's Sabina being very firm about refusing to become romantically involved with her business partner, and John being convinced that if he just keeps hinting hitting on her and openly mooning, she'll miraculously change her mind, even though she keeps telling him to knock it off. I'm pretty sure we're meant to see it as Sabina being stubborn and trying to not give in to the inevitable, as opposed to John ignoring her her repeatedly stated and reinforced choices and wishes.

What do you think you'll read next?.

More Index and One Piece.

Laptop question

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 My current laptop is...not on her last legs, but probably will be in the next 6 months or so, so I've started looking around at things, and noticed Best Buy had this Toshiba laptop for $250 right now.  Has anyone used it/heard anything about it?

Jun. 19th, 2014

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 Did anyone else who uses android devices get that update they came out with yesterday?  And if so, does it seem like the battery is running down faster and it's taking longer to charge?  I noticed that the battery seemed to be going down fast yesterday, but didn't think much of it because I was using it more than usual, but then I left it to charge overnight and it was only at 68%, and it used to recharge from 5%-10% to 100% in about 4 hours.

Also, Flight Rising folks, can anyone take a look at the first three hatchlings in my lair (well, the tundras at least, I'm thinking about keeping the fae) and help me come up with an idea of what a good asking price is for them?  i've checked out what they're going for in the auction house, but am uncertain how popular purple tundras actually are.

(I feel I should apologize to the people who follow me on twitter and don't care about FR, as about 80% of my tweets the last 2 weeks have been about FR.)

May 2014 Media Log

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Better late than never?

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Poor, unnamed dragons...

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Flight Rising folks, does anyone feel SWAMPED BY GUILT when they let dragons they plan to keep (at least for a while) go unnamed?

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For a bit of reference, while some of the dragons I have came to me with names, aside from Magenta and Solidarity, all the dragons I've named myself are named after characters from Fairy Tail, the Condor Heroes Trilogy, A Certain Magical Index, Queen Seon Deuk, and Legend of Basara.

Pretty Little Liars 5.1

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 You might be thinking that it's been quiet here this week because I've been obsessively playing flight Rising.  This is partly true, but actually,  I haven't been home much thanks to my church's Vacation Bible School.  Thanks to this great storm we had last night with quarter sized hail, 80mph winds and literal walls of dust, however, I woke up this morning to 2 flat tires.  YAY!  So no work today thanks too that.

It did, however, mean I finally got to watch the PLL premiere, though I'll probably go back to watching it in huge chunks after this, but I wanted to see what it did with one thing.

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dragons and movies

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1a. I have been pretty much obsessively playing Flight Rising this week. Ok, mostly playing the fairground games and stalking the Water forum for giveaways. I don't know about all the clans, but the water people were REALLY generous at this, and many of my FR friends have also been "Let me give you things!" I will likely spam with all my dragons soon. Like, once I've named more of them. (That, and I'll be getting at least 2 more in the next few days.) But for now, here's my custom dragon, Levy (named for the Fairy Tail character):

1b. The other day, I jokingly asked on twitter how wanky it would be, on a scale of 1-50, to try to acquire a white dragon of one of the European-based breeds and name it "Solidarity." Except I apparently got attached to the idea, which may not be a good thing. Or maybe it is?

1c. I like how figuratively exclaiming "They will make beautiful babies!" appears to be an important part of the lifeblood of FR, from what I've seen.

2a. I've been carrying free Redbox credits around for weeks now, because they were only good for the local Albertsons, and their Redbox tends to not have the best selection, but they expire next week and so I made myself use my last 2 (technically 3, but I gave one to someone else) this week. Vampire Academy was terrible and I loved it. The "no gay, this is just about the epic and eternal andtotallyplatonicnorealthisfeedinghasnosexualundertonesatallnosirree love between the vampire princess and her female bodyguard WHO IS TOTALLY NOT HER GIRLFRIEND< OK" was kinda annoying, but it really was all about Rose and Lyssa's eternal love, and sometimes they gazed at the guys they wanted to make out with to remind us that they're straight. Pompeii was...also not good, but not the worst way to spend two hours, even if everyone was terribly miscast, aside from some of the gladiators who weren't the main character. Speaking of which, Kit Harrington's abs were rather traumatic, looking both terribly unhealthy and very CGI. I was very relieved when he started covering his chest. Also, the epic love story was based on one conversation and the fact that they both liked horses. I kids you not.

2b. For much better abs, have the trailer for the upcoming Hercules movie with Dwayne Johnson, which I will 100% be watching for the plot:

2c. Both Belle and Maleficent are out, but it looks like I won't get to see them in theaters. Woes.

Jun. 3rd, 2014

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 Flight Rising had open registration today, and I registered as meganbm.  Now to figure out what to do.

(I currently suspect I will keep naming dragons after Fairy Tail characters, given that RAISED BY DRAGONS is the actual origin of multiple characters.)


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