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Haven 4.10: Well, that was considerably better than last episode.


-not!Duke was entertaining. not!Nathan was very very dim. And rather bland.

-Though Audrey was clearly pondering making Nathan pretend to be a doctor once things got fixed.

-I really hope we actually are going to find out the truth about Audrey and the origins of the Troubles this season, and that we aren't just being led along.

-My reaction to the end of the episode was "incestuous twins, maybe?" (Which, of course, is not going to be the actual truth, but probably says something about me...)

-i think it's safe to say that "kill the man you love" probably never meant James or Nathan at all, but William. (So I guess it's a good thing she didn't kill either to break the curse?)Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries 2.11: Wow, Essie Davis can really sing. I now expect Phryne to sing every episode. (Nathan Page isn't bad either.)

-Poor, poor Hazel. I wish we'd seen more of her at the end, just for closure.

-Jack can read me the weather report any time.

-The "Hugh expects Dot to quit working once they get married" was handled better than I expected. I was fearing a lot more drama when that inevitably came up. Jack's "dude, what did you expect?" face when Hugh was telling him what happened was perfect.

-But the important thing is that Dot chose Phryne (and herself) over Hugh, which is only proper.

Ravenswood 1.5: And we've reached the midseason finale already. Overall, while I enjoy the show, it's been disappointing, and not nearly as good or involving as I was expecting. The mystery has potential and it does spooky moments well, but more often than not, I feel like it doesn't really know where it's going. I will watch the second half of the season, though.

Sleepy hollow 1.8:

-Irving's reaction to "My dead evil cop is a zombie crushing on Abbie?" was perfect. He was all "Most absurd part of this yet! Zombies with crushes!" (But why hadn't they already told him about Andy?)

-LOLS acronyms cause Ichabod pain. I feel you, dude. I also understand you and fistbumps.

-So, raise your hand if you knew the horseman was Abraham the second he appeared. Yeah, I thought so. (Abraham looked very familiar, but I'm too lazy to look him up.)

-I am ready for more "Katrina, head of the coven" flashbacks and less "Katrina, perfect in Ichabod's eyes" flashbacks. (It's not that I object to Ichabod thinking that she's amazing and perfect, it's that she's this powerful, influential witch, but aside from the flashback where we learned she was a witch, we mostly have her as Ichabod's love.)

-Also, while Katrina was right to call off the engagement and Ichabod was right to be honest about them as soon as he realized it was more than his having an unrequited Thing on his friend's fiancee that he doesn't intend to act on, I can't help but think they had rather bad timing. (Though I can't remember whether or not they said Katrina new they were going on an important mission right after.)

-Yes, zombie!Andy, let that torch burn bright.

-You know, I can buy that Abbie and Ichabod have been doing some reading up on magic and spells and whatnot, and that Irving has done some crash course reading up on the subject between episodes, but suddenyl everyone feels so knowledgable about magic and hexes. Except Abbie somehoow still doesn't know what necromancy is, and you'd think that would be a priority, what with zpmbie!Andy and Ichabod crawling out of his grave and the headless dude running around town.

-I enjoyed the Jenny/Irving teamup a lot and hope for more of it. (I did not enjoy Orlando Jones's comments on twitter about Jenny being CrayCray.)

-But I wanted more of Abbie and Jenny! And I get that Abbie had big things going on and didn't want to drag Jenny into it 5 seconds after she got out, but did poor Jenny have no one there to meet her/take her home?

-There needed to be more Abbie in general this week, really.

-Moloch's minions were very Voldemort-like when they popped up. Except I thought Voldemort looked kinda silly in the previews (I can't recall if he actually showed up in any of the Harry Potter movies that I watched) whereas these guys were creepy.

-I'm sure the people who were already shipping Ichabod/Headless because they couldn't find any other white guys are elated now.

-This is from last weeks episode, but I forgot to comment on it then: I find Irving's comment about having hoped Abbie was lying to be really interesting, given that we know Abbie relies on lying a lot, and that that and Jenny's apparent inability to lie are what put them on their respective paths. I assume that he's at least somewhat aware of Abbie's delinquent past, and normally that line would be pretty throwaway, but I wonder if it's more significant here.

Witches of East End 1.7:

-I really hope that this episode means that Penelope's motivations aren't just revenge for her father, or finishing his work without any motivations of her own.

-I love how Joanna has built her life around this false image of herself as the upright and virtuous one with good moral standing, but it really isn't her, just what she probably wishes she could be, and the real Joanna is scary and ruthless and and full of secrets.

-Why must Killian and Dash still be here? Why can't Freya have anything going on besides them.

-I'm not sure about Enver Gjojak's character at all, but he's certainly a step up from the brothers, and will maybe give Ingrid something to do that's a little less grimdark than everything else in her life lately.

-This "last life" thing better not mean that Wendy is dying at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, I'm a good 6 episodes behind on Person of Interest. While I tend to avoid spoilers, things I follow are generally fairly circumspect about spoilers for the show, so I've never had to be cautious. As a result, I kind of got bombarded by spoilers for tonight's episode earlier.

Unless that's a fakeout, I might be done.

While I've become genuinely fond of most of the important characters in the show, Carter/Taraji Henson has always been my main interest and investment, and this doesn't sound like a simple character death (which would be bad enough) but a straight up fridging. And Reese already has one fridged woman in his life.

I'll see what happens in the next few episodes to make up my mind.
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